Board Committees

In compliance with international benchmarks, particularly the King II Report, the Board has five sub-committees:


Remunerations Committee

The Remunerations Committee advises the main Board on all issues of personnel policies, salaries structure and benefits packages for staff members.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee also meets quarterly. Its main purpose is to plan and support the audit of major functions like budgets and organizational systems.


Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee is mainly responsible for advising the Main Board on products and other benefits that may be introduced for members of the Fund.


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee advises the Board on all matters relating to the Code of Ethics. They develop and apply guidelines for ensuring ethical behaviour and resolving ethical conflict.


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a separate committee from the Board and meets once a quarter. It is made up of experts on issues of finance and investments but is subordinate to the Board. During these quarterly meetings, the Committee takes decisions that give direction to the Fund’s investment strategies. It is also in these meetings where reviews of the performance of the entire Fund’s Fund Managers are conducted.

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